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Litong Culture

Let Litong help global smart manufacturing

Let Litong help global smart manufacturing

Mission: Let Litong help global intelligent manufacturing .

Vision: To be a leader in the global fluid technology industry .

Value concept: integrity-based .

Must-have success: users first .

Values: Honesty

Values: Honesty

Never be false: 1. Do n’t talk falsely. 2. Talk and do things on a basis. 3. Integrity

Don't make excuses: 1.100% take responsibility 2. Don't complain about introverted thinking 3. Responsible for work results

Responsibility: 1. Ask others to do it first. 2. Get things done the first time. 3. Have a sense of ownership.

Keep your promises: 1. Promise others, you must do it 2. Go all out to achieve the set goals 3. Have the courage to take the consequences

Trustworthy: 1. Do things on your own. 2. Be strict with yourself and respect others. 3. Altruism and love, be grateful for everything.

Must-Have Success: Users First

Must-Have Success: Users First

Keep improving: 1. Make product quality the highest 2. High standards, strict requirements, continuous reflection and improvement 3. Set goals, never give up

Steady progress: 1. Stable process technology, strengthen quality awareness 2. Material quality is not reduced for any reason 3. Continuously train staff, promote the spirit of craftsmen

Continuous innovation: 1. Everyone will meet every morning and evening every day, insist on 20 minutes of study 2. Weekly process technology, management improvement seminars 3. Provide users with products with more than 3 times the value

Climbing to the peak: 1. The pursuit of quality is regarded as life 2. Solving problem points, pain points, and fearing difficulties in a timely manner 3. Product upgrades have no limit and exceed the benchmark

Exceeded expectations: 1. Guaranteed results achieved 2. Surprised users, referred to introduction 3. Allowed users to repeat purchases