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Hydraulic hose
Super hercules
Steel wire braided hydraulic hose
Wire wound hydraulic hose
Hydraulic oil return pipe
High-pressure resin tube
Industrial hose
UPE wear tube
Compressed air pipe
Suction and drainage hose
Steam hose
Food grade hose
Chemical hose
API series hose
Oil hose
Material conveying hose
Professional hose
Hose connector
Metric thread
American thread
Inch thread
Japanese thread
SAE flange
Industrial joint

The effect of rubber swelling on rubber products

The swelling mechanism of nitrile rubber in liquefied dimethyl ether organic solution can be roughly understood as: when the valve of the steel bottle is opened, the liquefied dimethyl ether in the bottle contacts the nitrile rubber seal ring in the valve, the nitrile rubber will swell; When the cylinder valve is closed, the inside of the valve gradually "dries", the swelling properties of the nitrile rubber gradually decline, and the volume of the rubber will shrink. As the number of valve openings increases and the content of dimethyl ether in the liquefied petroleum gas increases, After many times of "swelling-shrinking" stress cycles, the nitrile rubber has reduced the rubber stress and accelerated aging. Eventually, the rubber elasticity fails and the sealing performance decreases, resulting in valve leakage.