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product list
Hydraulic hose
Super hercules
Steel wire braided hydraulic hose
Wire wound hydraulic hose
Hydraulic oil return pipe
High-pressure resin tube
Industrial hose
UPE wear tube
Compressed air pipe
Suction and drainage hose
Steam hose
Food grade hose
Chemical hose
API series hose
Oil hose
Material conveying hose
Professional hose
Hose connector
Metric thread
American thread
Inch thread
Japanese thread
SAE flange
Industrial joint

Pickling construction sequence and treatment purpose

(1) For degreasing, use a degreasing agent to remove the grease from the pipes;

(2) clean the water with water to remove dirt from the pipes;

(3) rust removal in the pickling solution to remove rust spots on the pipe wall, rolled iron filings, etc .;

(4) Water washing and high-pressure water washing Rinse the attachments produced in the above operation with clean water, and the inside of the pipe should be washed with high-pressure water;

(5) Neutralizing alkaline solution to neutralize the acid solution remaining on the pipe;

(6) Drying In order to perform drying effectively, the pipe should be immersed in hot water or steam-dried, and the pipe should be completely dry;

(7) Rust prevention;

(8) Check whether the pipe after pickling is cleaned;

(9) Immediately after packing and storage, pick up the opening of the tube with plastic or plastic tape to prevent foreign matter, moisture, etc. from entering.

Precautions for pickling

(1) The welding operation of the pipes before pickling has been completed;

(2) When disassembling, transporting and pickling, be careful not to damage the pipes, threads and sealing surfaces, and use tape or plastic pipes to block the seals;

(3) Before pickling, the welding slag, spatter and varnish on the pipe should be cleaned;

(4) Each thread part should be protected by acid-resistant materials such as plastic bands and rubber bands, or coated with dry oil on the thread after degreasing and water washing, and then derusted in acid solution to prevent acid solution from eroding;

(5) When pickling, be careful not to make the fitting marks of the tube disappear or blur.