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Litong Hydraulic's "50 Million Meters Composite Hose Smart Factory Project" was announced before the approval of the public reference

来源:利通 Time: 2019-06-10 Source: Litong

Luohe Litong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. commissioned Henan Keren Technology Co., Ltd. to compile the "Environmental Impact Report of the Smart Factory Project with an Annual Output of 50 Million Meters", in accordance with the "Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment" ) Relevant regulations, the full text of the project environmental impact assessment report and the public participation statement are now publicized.

During the publicity of relevant information of this project, the public can give feedback to the construction unit by telephone, letter, email, etc., and leave your contact information so that we can promptly feedback to you whether the public opinion is adopted or not.

Contact person: Huang Fuxiang

Contact: 18939581866

Postcode: 462000

Mailing address: Intersection of Zhongshan Road and Dongfanghong Road, Luohe Economic and Technological Industry Concentration Zone, Luohe City

Attachment 1 Luohe Litong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. Report

Attachment 2 Public participation instructions of Luohe Litong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

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