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API 7K and API 16C series products successfully obtained ABS certification issued by American Bureau of Shipping

来源:利通 Time: 2019-08-13 Source: Litong

ABS, full name: American Bureau of Shipping, is the main formulator and implementer of the design, construction and periodic inspection standards for ships and marine structures. ABS certification is the entry threshold for products in the international shipping industry, offshore platforms and related industries.

API 7K、API 16C系列产品顺利获得由美国船级社颁发的ABS认证证书
API 7K、API 16C系列产品顺利获得由美国船级社颁发的ABS认证证书
API 7K、API 16C系列产品顺利获得由美国船级社颁发的ABS认证证书

The passing of the ABS certification indicates that our company's product industrial technology level has reached world-class standards, and it has the qualifications for the production and supply of related marine products under the ABS standard. This will broaden the company's product industrial structure and enter international shipping. Expansion of broader markets such as oil drilling and production also marks that Litong Manufacturing has entered a new stage of high-quality development in the international market.

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