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270PSI EPDM rubber braided steam pipe

WARNING: Handling steam is very dangerous if it is not controlled

This can result in property damage, injury or even death. Choose the right

Application, use and maintenance can not only increase the life of the hose

, Can also ensure the safety of the operator.


Transfer saturated steam with a maximum working pressure and temperature of 270PSI and 430 ° F (+ 220 ° C), use

命。 Superheated steam will shorten hose life, and normal hose drainage after each use will increase life .

If detergent or oil is present, it is not recommended for flushing applications.

Outer layer:

Red or black EPDM rubber, heat resistant, surface texture, using pinhole technology

Strengthening layer:

High tension steel wire braid

Inner layer:

Black EPDM rubber, heat resistant

Not for steam cleaning

Working pressure:

Constant pressure

18Bar (270PSI)

temperature range:

-40 ° C (-40 ° F) to + 220 ° C (+ 430 ° F)


ID inside diameter
ID inside diameter
OD outer diameter
OD outer diameter
MaxRec.WP (PSI)
Working pressure
Minimum bending radius
Weight (kg / m)
LT1004A / B-050 1/2 13 0.91 twenty three 270 5 0.42
LT1004A / B-075 3/4 19 1.22 31 270 71/2 0.77
LT1004A / B-100 1 25 1.50 38 270 10 0.89

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