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3d之家 > Products > Wire wound hydraulic hose

SAE 100R13 high temperature and high pressure four-layer steel wire wound hydraulic pipe


+121℃(-40°F~+250°F)的软管, Applicable to hoses using petroleum-based hydraulic oil, temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 121 ℃ (-40 ° F ~ + 250 ° F),

下的高温中压软管。 Practical for high temperature and medium pressure hoses under severe conditions .


层和一层耐油、耐天候合成橡 The hose consists of a heat-resistant oil synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, multiple layers of steel wire winding and a layer of oil-resistant and weather-resistant synthetic rubber.

It consists of an outer rubber layer. 执行SAE100R13标准、GB/T10544-2013标准。 The hoses comply with SAE100R13 standards and GB / T10544-2013 standards.


Standard: SAE 100 R13

Inner layer: Oil resistant synthetic rubber

Insert: Four (up to DN 32) / Six (from DN32) high tensile steel wire spiral inserts

Outer layer: Synthetic rubber with high temperature, ozone and abrasion resistance

Colour: Black

Temp.min:-40 ℃

Temp.max: + 121 ℃

ulsions Media: Mineral oil, Polyglycol based oil, Water (0 ° C to + 70 ° C), Water-oil em ulsions


Inside diameter of hose
I .D
Hose outer diameter
Working pressure
Minimum burst pressure
Minimum bending radius
Min. BR
Mpa (mm)
19 3/4 18.6 19.8 33.2 35 140 240
25 1 25.0 26.4 39.8 35 140 300
32 1 1/4 31.4 33.0 51.3 35 140 420
38 1 1/2 37.7 39.3 58.8 35 140 500
51 2 50.4 52.0 72.7 35 140 640

common problem

What does SAE 100R13 mean?

Answer: SAE 100 is the American standard winding pipe standard number. R13 means that the hydraulic hose uses 4-6 layers of steel wire winding layer as the hose reinforcement layer, which is a standard required for light duty; SAE standard was established in 1905 , Is the world's largest academic organization of automotive engineering.

2. What rubber material is used for Litong hose?

Answer: For 13 years, Litong Rubber Hose has adhered to the development strategy of middle- and high-end hoses led by high-level leaders. All the company ’s rubber products are made of primary rubber materials, and resolutely resist recycled rubber. The company's rubber physical and chemical laboratory has the standards of an international-level laboratory. In recent years, a variety of high-quality rubber compounds have been developed and produced to ensure the demand for rubber products for rubber compounds.

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