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Sales Network (Office)

Sales network

Over the past 16 years, Litong has won the support of many loyal customers with stable product quality and a win-win strategic cooperation policy, and has established a nationwide online and offline marketing service network.

Currently, nearly 20 offices under the Litong line provide retail and after-sales services to 34 provincial administrative regions across the country, and provide customers with one-stop product and service solutions with the support of the head office. Relying on convenient network resources, Litong Electronic Commerce Department, established in 2015, has developed a wider domestic and international fluid technology industry market for Litong, greatly improving service efficiency and quality.

Litong Sales Hotline: 400-6191-666

Company Electronics Business Office
Contact: E-commerce
Phone: 400-6191-666
Fax: 0395-2610007
Guizhou Office
Contact: Zhao Jinyong
Phone: 13783050008
Fax: 0395-2610007
Harbin Office
Contact: Zhao Yaohua
Phone: 136 3361 7372
Fax: 0395-2610007
Henan Office
Contact: Liu Zili
Phone: 13903954732
Fax: 0395-2615523
Wuxi Office
Contact: Liu Xueli
Phone: 13914289701
Fax: 0510-86519296
Guang Zhou office
Contact: Zhao Yongsheng
Phone: 15939530980
Fax: 020-32357050
Shenyang Office
Contact: Zhao Zhihui
Phone: 15939515251
Fax: 024-88011339
Xi'an Office
Contact: Zhao Gangquan
Phone: 15239569997
Fax: 029-86305820
Kunming Office
Contact: Zhao Jinyong
Phone: 13733972559
Fax: 0871-7209670
Chengdu Office
Contact: Huang Weihong
Phone: 13550226180
Fax: 028-83577330
Changsha Office
Contact: Wang Yonggang
Phone: 13278847400
Fax: 0731-84112678
Chongqing Office
Contact: Wei Min
Phone: 139 83875767
Fax: 023-61559172
Jingxian Office
Contact: Wang Zhidong
Phone: 155 1266 2135
Fax: 0318-4265280
Wuhan Office
Contact: Zhao Jianxin
Phone: 13949867200
Fax: 027-83388561
Fuzhou Office
Contact: Zhao Jianguang
Phone: 13609551322
Fax: 0591-83495926
Jinan Office
Contact: Zhao Yaohui
Phone: 15239509982
Fax: 0531-66711292
Zhejiang Office
Contact: Peng Fei
Phone: 18072851181
Fax: 0571-85192550
Shijiazhuang Office
Contact: Wang Baoqiang
Phone: 13230169693
Fax: 0311-83808032
Xinjiang Office
Contact: Chen Zhanli
Phone: 13565985071
Fax: 0991-3820509