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Large caliber hose

[Litong large-diameter hoses have a maximum diameter of 300mm]; large-caliber hoses are a type of rubber hoses with larger diameters. The boundaries of large-caliber hoses are not determined. How many mm of hoses can be considered large-caliber hoses? There is no clear numerical definition in the industry.

Hose label

Overview of large caliber hose

The largest diameter of Litong large-diameter hose is 300mm . Large-diameter hose is a type of rubber hose with a larger diameter. The division of large-diameter hose is not certain. How many mm of hose diameter can be regarded as large-diameter hose There is no clear numerical definition. However, large-diameter hoses are generally used in heavy-duty suction and drainage, mining exhaust, and oil extraction industries.

Large-caliber hose structure

Like other hoses, the structure of large-diameter hoses is also composed of a three-layer structure, an inner rubber layer, an outer rubber layer, and a middle skeleton layer.

Large caliber hose for conveying media

Transport water, petroleum crude oil, mud, steam, emulsion, lubricating oil, fuel oil and many other fluid media.

Large-caliber hose characteristics

Temperature resistance range: -40 ℃ — + 100 ℃ ..

A certain pressure resistance value;